Best Buy, You’ve done it again

You remember the difficulties I’ve had with Best Buy. They’ve made it a point to not disappoint me in their losing streak.

Well, last year on cyber Monday I placed an online order with Best Buy because #1 I’d rather have it delivered to my house instead of going to the store and having to deal with parking and waiting in line. #2 just in case like last time-they wouldn’t have my order ready and I would have to come back for the other items.

I place my order and pull up the confirmation email. They separate my order in 2 bundles. The first bundle didn’t ship out until one week after I placed my order.

I live in California, to my understanding it would be a smart idea for best buy to have a distribution center in California, right? Then please enlighten me, why did my items ship out from Ohio?? Why in the world did it take one week to find out if they had the items and ship them out?

My second bundle which happens to be an Xbox with kinect bundle took two weeks to ship out. This time from Kentucky. Now folks, I don’t own my own business but it’s the Christmas season and I would assume I would keep my inventory fully stocked. Why did it take two weeks for it to finally ship out?

Second instance. My sister and I are in line at Best Buy mobile (this was our third attempt in two weeks) We got in line just in time; not even five minutes later three people line up behind us. This lady, Norma, who ‘helps’ us upgrade my sister’s phone thinks she’s the master at multi-tasking; she proceeds to talk over and around my sister and I to find out what the other patrons need. Now, if she took her time and energy and focused on one task and one customer at a time-she would be much more efficient and effective at her customer service job. What should’ve been a 15 minute transaction turned out to be a 30 minute transaction. There was still the same amount of people waiting in line, if not more!

Last scenario is a doozy. My sister calls Best Buy and asks for the camera department. Now this particular representative did not transfer the call but proceeded to attempt to help. My sister’s simple question– a type of lens and if they have it in stock or if they can order it for her and she’ll pick it up. The BBY rep, Maria, asks my sister three different times the type of lens and the price of the lens. On Maria’s third attempt she asks my sister, ‘do you have the SKU number?’

Hold on lady. I’m calling YOU, the vendor, for a product that you sell, that ME the consumer would like to buy… You are asking me for the sku number?

Ah, Best Buy you never cease to amaze me… You fall into the list of things I shake my head at and things that give me a headache.

Girl Fail. Best Buy.

Ok blogging family.

I fail at being a girl. I need help or something.

Best Buy. December 30th.

I finally go in to get my upgrade. Upgrade was available in April.

I wait in line. I notice cute guy at counter.

Tweet: Cute guy at the counter. Hope i get him to help me out!!!#hottguyspotted

So about 45 minutes later. Guess what? I get the cute guy to help me out.

Surprise surprise.

Surprisingly enough. I actually start a conversation with the kid.

Me: Has it been this busy the whole day?

Him: Since I got here and we’re one person short. But the lady I was helping had a complicated transaction. When I finally got everything she needed my computer crashed. These things are so old.

So we talk. He told me how long he’s been working there. He told me he had knee surgery and didn’t work for a while. Then Best Buy called him back and gave him a raise. He told me he has a year of school left then quitting Best Buy. He told me he’s Filipino and I could probably guess his major is nursing. He asked about myself-school? job? etc.

I can’t remember what else we talk about. That’s it. I didn’t know how to transition the conversation to hanging out sometime or exchanging info.

I was tempted to go the next day and buy something for my phone. I did go to Best Buy Saturday night for something but it was so busy still. He was there, btw.

Today. January 9th. I went to Best Buy. My battery won’t hold a charge for a day. It’s really frustrating. Especially since all I do is text. Sometimes not even.

So. I get there just in time. Right before they close. He’s working. But he’s helping someone else. I wait. The manager asks me what I need help with. Manager walks away because one of his workers asks him a question.

I walk back and just wait.

The guy walks back. The manager tells him what my problem is and “hands me off”.

Guy remembers me from last time. Odd… right?

He asks me if I exchanged my phone from the EVO. I said, “No I …” he interrupts me. “You upgraded. Sorry I’ve dealt with so many customers. I just remember there was a long time and we were over there.”

We talk again. I ask him if he started school yet. Doesn’t ’til February. I asked him where he goes. Mt. Sac. He also repeated the fact that he’s only got one more year. (I think I’m supposed to figure out why but right now my psycho analysis of that isn’t coming to light) He knows I’m done. He says, “Now you’re just studying for the CPA exam right? You have to take the review course? $1500.?” We talk.

I ask him about screen protectors. We walk over and he’s looking at the screen protectors. His co-worker comes over and asks him a question about something. She’s standing in front of me but facing him. She’s done asking and turns to face me, “What are you doing with her?”

Him: I’m helping her with something.

Her: Oh. Ok. She smiles and walks away.

Me: That was awkward.

Him: She’s so weird.

Me: She has a crush on you.

Him: She’s so weird. I’ll come in when I’m not working to buy something and she’ll walk up to me…”Hi sir what can I help you with today?”

He can’t find a screen protector for my phone. He checks the computer to see if he can order one for me.

They don’t have it or any. He says I can buy the screen protector and bring it back to Best Buy and they’ll put it on for me.

Me: Are you going to charge me?

Him: No, bring it in and I’ll put it on for you.

At this point, my brain isn’t working and I linger a second to long for my own good.

Smile. Say thanks. Bye. Walk away.