Of all the ridiculous!!

I didn’t go to church last Thursday because my skin had been acting up: Itchy, dry, more red than usual, etc. I planned to drink water every hour and sleep early since I was also going to work early the next day. It’s around 9:30pm just finished showering and I run to get my newly washed sheets from the dryer. I’m in the garage and realize the garage door to the backyard is open…I have this quick thought, I better check the door to make sure it’s unlocked… Too late, it closed. Dreadfully I walk to the door, check the doorknob, “uh, it is locked!”

‘Luckily’ my room is in the backyard versus the front yard. My room is guarded by my two dogs and covered by thick trees. I run over to my windows. Yes, the window is slightly open unfortunately the window bar was in place. I run back to the garage, grab my materials and run over with a chair. I ever so carefully yank off the screen then use it to clear off the wall and window sill from creepy crawlers. Then I had to masterfully remove the window bar with the little space I had open; all the while my chow is quizzically watching me. I finally get my window all the way open and try to carefully climb in without getting too dirty. I run over to the garage door and unlock it. Run outside grab the screen, materials, and chair drop it in the garage. I empty out the dryer and dump my sheets on the bed.

Finally after finishing in the bathroom I climb I to bed. 10:15 pm.

So much for showering and clean sheets. So much for sleeping early. What are the odds? Murphy’s law definitely had it out for me!