Run over a skunk

Thursday night after church.

I was driving on White Ave by Fairplex and I saw something out of the corner of my eye, it looked like a tail.

Mel: Mom, I think I hit something

Mom:  No, I didn’t see anything.




3 seconds later this horrid smell penetrates the atmosphere.

Simultaneously we look at each other…

Me: Yeah, I hit something Mom: You hit a skunk!

My mom then proceeds to call my brother, sister, and dad. She also calls Tita Cindy since none of the above were answering their phones.

In my 5-6 years of driving I have never hit anything.  I was bound to do it sometime, I suppose.

Oh, my mom did not allow me to park in the driveway. Saturday when we were leaving for Delano the car still had a skunk smell.

Wonder if it still smells.

I’ll let you know.