25 things about: Melanie

1. I laugh and talk in my sleep

2. I have one sister, one brother, and one brother-in-law

3. I graduated with a BS in Accounting and a minor in Psychology

4. I have eczema

5. I love traveling: I’ve been to half the US and Philippines, Guam, Israel, Greece, Rome, Mexico, and Canada.

6. My favorite US cities: Chicago and Boston

7. My favorite international cities: Arachova, Greece and Rome, Italy.

8. My #1 spot to visit is Spain

9. I’ve been in two relationships

10. I’m in my late 20s

11. I graduated HS early

12. I was homeschooled for five years

13. I come from a big extended family. My dad has eight siblings. My mom has seven.

14. I’m an introvert

15. I play the piano

16. I like to cook

17. I’m a pescetarian

18. I take probiotics everyday for my eczema

19. I taught English in the Philippines

20. I love Disneyland

21. I’ve had a Disneyland annual pass for five years now

22. I started blogging when my first boyfriend broke up with me

23. Now, I’m starting to get into the blogging realm again

24. I have an IG: mct7988 You can view certain pics: Β #SEA2014mct Β #RIGtrip2013

25. Β I am a Christian

26 thoughts on “25 things about: Melanie

  1. Hi Melanie!

    Pete Denton also nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award. I wanted to stop by your blog to say hello and offer my congratulations to you on your nomination!

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  3. Melanie,

    With me I love amazing cultures across the globe and since I’m kinda a “travel hooker” let’s say I’m a mega-adventurist and leave it at that…

    you found me, so it’s my turn to look back at you… I plan on reading a TON of stuff about you….you probably already know I’m a Caribbean pirate… yeah…but i don’t steal anything since I believe in Karma and stuff…soooo I just gotta live a good life while wishing others have it just as good as I do… I have a TON of philpino friends, so I’m catching up on your culture…

    Needless to say, i hope you read a bit about me… I’m way older however, most of my friends are your age since I STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…lmao.. Anyway..have a beautiful night..i will be reading about you tomorrow..


  4. Why hello there… guess who this is? You guessed it. Just stopping by to wish you a terrific week, hoping that it goes smooth for you.

  5. Im happy to found someone who love to travel and does blogging. Melanie, Im sure you will have a bright future. With your love to family and friends, with faith in God, and coupled with your hardwork and perserverance, you can go anywhere and achieve what you want in life. All the best. Rey

  6. Hi Melanie,

    I’m a visitor because you are on Tom’s Blogroll. I’ve been visiting some of his friends. I’ll be at his pretend dinner party too! You have a very interesting site. Nice to meet you.

  7. Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping by Bella Broccoli & for the kind comment. Your blog is adorable – I like all of your different pages with lists and thoughts, very clever!

    Hope you are enjoying that warm California weather, it’s quite chilly here in Denver.

    Cheers – Meghan

  8. Ha ha, I can see why you liked the sanitizer article now, you are also addicted!!

    I’m so jealous that you live in California. England is cold and rainy. I went to San Diego one December and it was so much nicer that week than it’s ever been in the two years I’ve been in the UK.

    I look forward to reading more, I love your enthusiasm for life!

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