We love food…

Enjoy food pictures from our family vacation:

In N Out

For lunch we had In-N-Out, let me say a lettuce wrap is hard to enjoy without tomatoes, needless to say the juice from my burger was strictly from the patty and the sauce.

For dinner we went to Splash Cafe at Pismo Beach.

Of course, I didn’t get clam chowder because I can’t have soy, rye, etc.

Notice the tomatoes and carrots?

I had grilled chicken and veggies. I gave the “untouchables” to my mom and sister.

Saturday for lunch we gps-ed this place called Alex BBQ at Shell Beach.

My sister had a bbq pulled sandwich. It was good. I only had the meat though, no bread, ugh.

I didn't eat the french fries.

I had a bbq wrap. Infested with tomatoes, I had asked for no tomatoes since the wrap was sun-dried tomatoes. I didn’t have a reaction since I took Benadryl afterwards, luckily.

Can't you just taste it?!

My brother and dad shared ribs. It was juicy, moist, sweet, so good. 🙂

We drove to Morrow Bay afterward. As always it was foggy. They had a farmer’s market. We walked around, tried different organic fruits, sampled organic drinks. At the end of the Farmer’s Market, Kettle Korn greeted us!

Kettle Corn-medium bag $5

The bag fed all 5 in my family including the trash can, aka John, my brother.


Sunday lunch we went to Jocko’s Steakhouse in Nipomo.

Oh minor detail we got there at 1:30 the wait time: 1 hour-2hours. We waited an hour.

My parents got the Spencer-steak. It was amazing! We tried some 🙂

My sister and I shared the pork chops.

Pork chops, rice, and apple sauce.

We could have shared it with John and there would have been leftovers.

The orders came with veggie plate (pickles, banana peppers, carrots, celery, and olives)  salad, bread, beans, and dessert for each person at the table.

_    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _

Last Sunday we went to Sakura of Tokyo in West Covina for a surprise dinner.

The hosts had ordered the boat to be shared with four people. First they brought out miso soup. Then California rolls-2 each person. Then came the boat. It was literally a boat.

Boatload of Food-Sakura of Tokyo. Taken by panorama.

The boat had fried chicken with sesame seeds, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and tempura-shrimp, zucchini, green beans, and squash.

Short term vs. Long term Plans/Goals

Life has been topsy-turvy lately in the aspect that I don’t know what I’m doing next week.

Literally, I live day-to-day.

The funny thing is I have all these long-term goals.

1. Passing my CPA exam (1 year)

2. Achieving my CPA license (2 years of CPA “supervision”)

3. TESL abroad (yearly renewable contract)

4. MBA degree (Lord willing after 5 years)

Those are all within a year or within the next several years.

Yet, I don’t know what I will be doing next week or next month. As in, what job.

Oh, I’m not laid off or getting laid off just applying at different jobs everywhere and anywhere., still in the accounting field.

It’s quite comedic for me to have all these long-term goals but not knowing what exactly I’m doing next week. I used to plan things 2-3 weeks in advance. Now, I have to leave my schedule open to anything and everything that might hit me, literally.

So far, I have a job test with METRO on the 24th. Apparently, it will take 3 hours. Goodness gracious it’s as long as one of my CPA exams!

I’ve applied at different school districts as well I don’t expect a reply until a month because the deadlines are the last week of September.

A lot more waiting to do…